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This is the tutorial of ipyvizzu - the Python integration of the free, open-source JavaScript/C++ library 0.9/">Vizzu. You can create animated charts, data stories, interactive reports and dashboards with it in Jupyter and similar notebooks and app building platforms.

This is an excellent starting point to get acquainted with ipyvizzu, as it walks you through the installation of the library, introduces the logic it employs and the different settings to control how your animated charts look and behave.

The tutorial is organized into chapters that introduce the concept and the details of ipyvizzu step-by-step. You can find the list of chapters at the end of this page and in the menu.

Basic logic of ipyvizzu

The foundation of an ipyvizzu chart is the animation. The animation contains states describing the chart's configuration, such as the data series on the chart, the coordinate system, labels, titles, etc. A static chart is the result of a single animation state. When there are more states, ipyvizzu automatically transitions between these. The animate method initiates the animation into a new state by describing the new chart and how ipyvizzu should transition to it.


The animate method has non-keyword and keyword arguments. The non-keyword arguments sets the chart, and the (optional) keyword arguments determines how ipyvizzu should animate to that state.

There are three types of non-keyword arguments:

  • data: this is where you add the data that you want to visualize
  • config: this is where you can add or remove series to the chart and set general settings like the chart title, the geometry, the alignment etc.
  • style: this is where you can set how your chart looks


pip install ipyvizzu

Visit Installation chapter for more options and details.



ipyvizzu generates JavaScript code, then the vizzu calls are evaluated by the browser. Therefore if a blank space appears where the chart should be, check the console log of your browser. vizzu reports its errors there. If you get a vizzu error in your browser console that is not straightforward to understand, please clean your browser cache first, because it might be caused by an older version being stored in your browser.